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Backbeat is a truly creative strategic puzzle game. Each character in your band moves through the map in different ways, encountering unique obstacles and choices. Advancing a character consumes a turn and part of the Timeline, setting up interactions with other characters and enemies at different points in time. Rewinding a turn undoes your move, allowing you to find improved solutions and new ways to tackle problems. Try a free demo on the platform of your choice via the links below!
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Hornsburg map

Backbeat takes place in the fictional American mid-Atlantic suburban city of Hornsburg in the summer 1995. Playing through the game you'll groove your way through shopping mall promenades, dimly lit arcades, and endless rows of merchandise in a homage the brick and mortar franchises of yesteryear. The story starts off the famed Boiling Point club, host to some of the hottest bands to tour the Eastern Seaboard.

Mouse over the thumbnails below to learn more about the town of Hornsburg.

Cave of Wonders location preview
Watson's family home location preview
Hollywood Movies location preview
Danny's Diner location preview
Hornsburg Towne Mall location preview
Shawn's Pawns location preview
Boiling Point Club location preview
Callahan's Irish Pub location preview
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